En su día ya os comenté que La Casera también habita por estos lares.

El artículo cuyo texto a continuación reproduzco (adjunto foto-comprobante) se detiene en someramente analizar la breve historia de la marca-producto en este mercado y las herramientas de marketing mayormente utilizadas para conseguir la posición en la que actualmente se encuentra.

El Viajero Accidental.


 When it was launched ten years ago, none of the existing beverages or their promoters so it as a threat. In name, personality and approach to the market, La Casera, from the stable of Classic Beverages Nigeria Limited, didn’t pass any message of a Brand that had come to change anything in the market. It came humbly with Little or no advertising support but relied on direct marketing and street hawking.

 Ten years down the line, the Brand has not only got a story to tell but has succesfylly challenged the status quo and put market leaders, including Coca Cola, on their toes. Two things that made its journey in the soft drink market easy lie in its unique taste and pioneering appearance in PET bottles, that could be taken away and disposed-off by consumers.

 As a result of this, memebers of the public, who were on the go, were quick to shift their loyalty to La Casera, while in transit. Unfortunately, the taste, which later became a selling point, was at the initial stage criticised as unfriendly. Then, it was common to hear some consumers complained that one easily reached the point of satisfaction, when it has not been consumed to the last drop.

 But in the last few days, handlers of the Brand have begun to roll out the drums to mar kits 10th anniversary celebration. The high point of the ceremony was the launch of a new bottle, which was conceived to revamp the Brand and makes it more attractive.

 Over the last ten years, La Casera has wormed its way into the minds of consumers and has built strong Brand equity through various consumer engagements and trade support programmes. The Apple flavor, which is the flagship brand of the stable, has garnered and maintained its position as one of the leading brands among consumer soft drink choices, experiencing strong demand and visibility nationwide. La Casera is available in Apple, Cream Soda, Classic Cocktail and Spanish Pear flavors.

 Since its introduction into the market, the company has built an effective business relationship with its trade partners by helping them to make profits whilst also rewarding their efforts. Recently at the 2011 edition of the Dealer’s Conference, the company rewarded over 214 dealers with 65 cars including overseas trips, while others won prizes like laptops, computers, and motorcycles.

 As part of its goal to connect with its consumers and add value to the environment in which it operates, the company has been in the frontline of supporting beauty pageants in Nigeria since 2007, by crowning its Brand ambassador know as “Miss La Casera”. It also utilices this platform as a corporate social responsibibility vehicle to reach out to the less privileged and the needy in the society.

 Classic Beverages Nigeria Limited has been partnership with the Silverbird Group, to promote the Most Beautiful Girl Beauty Pageant in Nigeria (MBGN). This fascinating deal involves a cash prize and lots of other benefits from the company. The reigning Brand ambassador and current “Miss La Casera 2011” Miss Nwando Ebeledike who was crowned june 2011, is a graduate of the London Business School.


4 comentarios to “NOW THAT “LA CASERA” IS TEN”

  1. La Casera en sabores manzana, cream soda, classic cocktail y pera española. Virgen Santa!!! Exijo una cata y un post sobre ella.
    Mi padre habría disfrutado mucho con esto. Muchísimo. Gracias, Wisco.

    • Perdona, no te había respondido este comentario.He probado el de manzana y para mi gusto (refinado, of course) es tan resaltado el sabor, imagino que por los saborizantes (o como se diga) que le añaden, que me desagradó un tanto. De los demás solamente intentaré probar el de pera española. Sabía que teníamos trademark en la tortilla de patata y en el jamón ibérico; ¿pero en las peras? (con perdón). A qué sabrá ese sabor. Y aquí a quien coño le importa si son españolas si más allá del Real Madrid y el FC Barcelona, nada, absolutamente ninguna referencia de qué es España. Es que no saben quien es Rafael Nadal, Fernando Alonso, Penélope Cruz, Antonio Banderas y demás. Ni puta idea oyes.Pero de nada de nada. ¡Por qué entonces lo de “pera española”. Lo bizarro de esta país….


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