Por “aclamación popular” (o sea, porque realmente ni Dios ni Cristo que lo fundó lo ha pedido), publico mi reciente carta de dimisión.

Mi Amo aunque ha expresado su deseo de hablar conmigo para no hacer efecto la carta, aún no ha/hemos podido conversar detenidamente al respecto. Eso sí y por su delegación, ya he tenido la oportunidad de ser requerido en dos ocasiones por su “jefe de gabinete”. Siendo realistas, lo que deberían contra-ofertar para satisfacer medianamente los puntos que expongo, no hay modo que mi Amo vaya a hacerlo. Es lo que tiene ser un “tío Gilito” -por su parte, claro-.

Y si solamente fuera dinero, ya adelanto que tampoco ofrecerá la cantidad que me haría considerar como justificado el jugarme la vida y/o el destruir aún más mi (ya de por sí deteriorada) salud mental.

Abajo la reproduzco.

El Viajero Accidental

Dear XXXX,

This is to communicate you my Resignation as GM Client Services for  XXXXXXXXXX.

Please, allow me to try to explain myself. Apart from various communications we have both mantained throughout along the year 2011, you may particularly recap our conversation on monday XX. September-2011. Bearing all that in mind together with the “Budget 2012” Memo that was given to me last XX january 2012 and after deep thinking, the following are the main core reasons that somehow force me to present my Resignation:

1. Though I have tried my best since the very first day I joined XXXXXX early march 2011, I’m feeling I am either not used to the agency structure and procedures nor its corporate culture.

2. Or, it might just be that I am not the right person you need for the position of GM (CS) for XXXXXXX.

I might possibly be wrong on the two reasons above but sincerely, this is how I feel and what I honestly think.

Somebody said: “We’re hoping to succeed; we’re okay with failure. We just don’t want to land in between”. I agree.

Be a honest person is one of my core Principles in life and work, and I will not ever stand out from that. Sincerely, I’m not happy and I have been feeling for long that you were not happy with me either. I believe it’s time to better quit rather than take your money in terms of salary and not being happy, encourage and committed in what I am doing. You may also understand that since I was back from vacation leave in august 2011, I have been alone with no senior team to work with in a basis. That has not helped at all.

Therefore,  I believe I am fully honest by presenting you my Resignation and I kindly ask you for your understanding.

Following please read two additional reasons for taking this action.

 3. Some issue I also face is that one about my current salary. I am not complaining but simply stating a fact: The salary I’m currently earning is not enough to properly maintain my family in Spain and myself here too.

Besides, to move around Lagos (in order to make and keep business contacts) may cost me the money I simply do not have. As a result, I can not afford to keep me in the loop of the ‘expats world’ as it should be required for achiving greater business results. These guys have a level of life (because of their job income) far more higher than mine and therefore they act/move around Lagos accordingly to that level of life. I can not follow that rythm.

Moreover, you well know how much the prices have increased on this year 2012 vs. 2011 which have had also a significant impact on my (not high at all) standards of living. Moreover, it is seriously affecting –negatively- my shopping basket. Not to mention my expenses in Spain as prices has also increased there.

To share some figure: Since I came to Nigeria one year ago, my savings have not increased at all but reduced up to a 40%

4. Last but not least and very much linked to what refers to point 3 (my current income), I can’t be without my family much longer.

As you well know my wife is nigerian and she would love to join me here. I’m very sure I should try my best for being all together or otherwise I will loose them. That is something I definitely do not want to happen.

The above said, of course and as my contract states, I’m well aware of the 3 months Notification Period and have no objection in accordingly fulfil this clause. More on the contrary, no doubt you can certainly count on my full commitment to my current duties within this Notification Period (thus XX-May 2012 should be considered the end date of my contract).

Nevertheless, please let me call your attention on the issue of my current Visa as it is expiring the XX of April 2012. I know this is on process to be sorted out but should be resolved before that date in order to conveniently fulfil the mentioned Notification Period. I can’t be an illegal individual in this country.

On the other hand, I‘m sure you are keen to understand that as my single revenue stream to sustain my family comes from my job, I have to immediately  search for a new employement (in Nigeria or elsewhere !!). I do sincerely ensure you that I will be extremely careful in this job searching, thus the reputation of the Agency or that of any member of its staff will be positively preserved.

Finally, please let me finish with a very personal intimate statement. I am very grateful to you for giving me this great opportunity to come to Nigeria and meet you all at XXXXXXX. No doubt it has been a very exciting experience for me. I sincerely believe I have improved a huge a lot as a person. For sure, I am a better human being now. I am so very much grateful I can not easily explain with words. Believe me when I say that I have a strong loving feeling for all of you.

When the time come in future, please bear in mind that whatever you may consider I can be of any help (here in Nigeria or wherever I be located in this planet), and I do really mean WHATEVER YOU MAY NEED -personal or professional-, please, I beg, do not ever hesitate to let me know. I will always be there for you.

Yours faithfully,


6 comentarios to “CARTA DE DIMISIÓN”

  1. Ha debido ser catártico escribirla.
    Sutil pincelada lo de la visa, bueno lo de “Preserving Reputation” y buenísimo el remate con el “Loving Feeling”.
    Good luck my friend!!!

  2. Abundando en el tema, no te atormentes mas con el análisis comparativo con tus compatriotas residentes allí. Ellos son expatriados, mientras que tú eres un emigrante.
    Yours faithfully.

  3. Baz Kelly Says:

    Man just read this, I can totally see why you went this way, perfect resign letter, I think I may copy this ………… rofl..


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