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‘Lagos To Become Africa’s 13th Biggest Economy’

By: Agency Report on May 19, 2013

Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial hub could soon have a US$45 billion economy – equivalent to that of Ghana, according to a recent report produced by Renaissance Capital economist Yvonne Mhango.

Lagos is Nigeria’s most densely populated state.

Mhango says that the size of Lagos State’s economy is currently about US$32 billion, or 12% of Nigeria’s total GDP. However, in 2014 Nigeria is expected to change the base year for its GDP calculation. Nigeria’s GDP is currently calculated by using 1990 as a base year, which does not account for the rapid development of the services, telecoms, and entertainment industries. The rebasing is expected to boost the GDP of Africa’s most populous country by about 40%.

“By our estimates, the Lagos State economy will become Africa’s 13th biggest economy in 2014, around $45 billion,” notes Mhango.

According to Anna Rosenberg, a senior analyst for sub-Saharan Africa at Frontier Strategy Group, Nigeria’s rebased GDP figures, when they are released, are likely to make Nigeria the largest economy in sub-Saharan Africa, surpassing South Africa.

“Nigeria will surpass South Africa as the continent’s largest economy when GDP is revised upwards between 40-60%. It is unclear however, when the new figures will be released. But if GDP increases by 40%, Nigeria’s economy would swell from $275 billion to $385 billion,” said Rosenberg. “South Africa’s economic output is $378.9 billion.”

Although Lagos is the smallest of Nigeria’s 36 states by area, it is by far the most densely populated.

“Lagos State has parallels with South Africa’s smallest province Gauteng, in that it is Nigeria’s smallest, but most densely populated state,” says Mhango. “This will be no surprise to readers that have travelled to Lagos and experienced its congestion. Lagos State accounts for only 0.5% of Nigeria’s total area of 924,000 km2, yet it has the country’s second biggest population, behind Kano.”


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Ni es la primera ni será la última vez que se publiquen este tipo de noticias.

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Human parts available: Live human, N40,000; hands, N4,000; head, N8,000

LAGOS—Emotions ran high, Tuesday, at Lagos State Police Command, Ikeja, following startling revelations by suspected members of three syndicates, who specialised in selling human parts to herbalists and persons suspected to be clerics.

The suspects told a bewildered crowd that human heads were sold for N8,000; hands, N4,000 and private parts N10,000.

human parts dealers

DEALERS: Fatai Akinwowo, herbalist (left) and alleged suppliers of human parts. On the ground are suspected mixture of ground human head and local gin in a bottle alongside a human finger, allegedly recovered from the suspects.

One of them, Agboola Kolawole, who blamed his indulgence on poverty and inability to pay his children’s school fees, disclosed that he had so far sold four heads of his deceased siblings to a herbalist, who in turn sold to some persons they identified simply as Alhajis.

The Alhajis, as gathered, offered to pay one of the suspects N40,000 to get a live human being, only for the suspect, Sanni Kazeem, to be apprehended during his search for prey.

Recovered from one of the arrested herbalists, identified as Ajibade Rafiu (40), who the suspects said they supply with the human parts, was a dried human finger suspected to be that of a lady, and a concoction, which he said was made from ground human head mixed with local gin.

The concoction, according to Rafiu, was to fortify him against spiritual attack.

Arrest, confession

Their arrest, according to the Command’s spokesperson, Ngozi Braide, followed a tip-off from the officer-in-charge of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, Ikeja, Abba Kyari, that one of the suspects, Jamiu Adeleke, was at the verge of selling a human hand for N21,000.

The operatives, according to Braide, who paraded the suspects before newsmen, stormed Owode town, Ogun State, where Adeleke was arrested while attempting to sell the human hand to a buyer.

She said: “Adeleke confessed that one Sanni Kazeem sold it to him for N6,000. When Sanni was arrested, he also confessed to the crime, adding that he had supplied two human heads to a dealer named Akinwowo Fatai (30), who was also arrested.

Akinwowo, on his part, confessed to have received the human heads and another four human heads from another supplier, one Agboola Kolawole (40), who was later arrested in the same Owode town.”

Sources of ‘goods’

“Kolawole confessed that he cut the heads of his two late brothers and two late sisters buried in private graves in their compound and sold them for N8,000 each. The final buyer/receiver, one Ajibade Rafiu (30), a herbalist, was also arrested.

“During interrogation, the suppliers said they got their human parts from various grave yards in Ogun State, while the middlemen doubled the prices and sell to the herbalist, who is the end user.

“Sanni Kazeem also confessed that two popular Alhajis in the same Owode town had bought one head from him before and also requested for a live human being for N40,000.”

She added that the first suspect arrested, Adeleke, jumped out of a moving vehicle in his attempt to escape and sustained fatal injuries, which later resulted in his death, adding that effort was still on to arrest others indicted in the business.

‘Am in it for school fees’

One of the suspects, Agboola Kolawole, said: “Yes, I sold my dead siblings parts for N8,000 each. I was tempted to do that because of poverty and inability to pay my children’s school fees.

“Just as I was thinking of how to pay their school fees, a friend approached me and asked why I should be suffering when there was a way out. When I asked how, he said I should go and get some human parts that he would pay me.

“That was how I went to my late brother’s grave at night, exhumed the bodies of two of them and cut off the heads.

“When I took them to the friend, he gave me N16,000 and told me to get him four hands. This time around, I went to my late sisters graves and cut off their hands. I was paid N8,000 for a set of hands.”

‘I was offered N40,000 to get a human being’

Kazeem Sanni said he usually went to cemeteries to exhume dead bodies and cut off the needed parts.

He said: “The cemetery I usually frequent is CMS. I usually go there at night when the guards would have slept.

“I sell skull for N8,000 to Alpha Jamiu (Muslim cleric). So far, I have gone to the cemetery thrice to cut off human parts.

“Two weeks ago, he called to say that his clients needed a human being, promising to pay me N40,000. When I asked him how that was possible, he said he would give me a charm that would hypnotise the victim to facilitate his/her abduction.

“I told him I would think about it. But I never went back to him again because I felt I could not do that.”

However, it was gathered that Alpha Jamiu, the middleman, pays the supplier N8,000 but sells the parts thrice the amount to end users.

The herbalist, Ajibade Rafiu, told journalists that he bought a human head for N8,000, with an intention to prepare a fortification concoction for himself.

He said: “I burnt the human head and later ground it, poured it inside a plastic and added local gin and other roots. I prepared the concoction for myself.

“It is to fortify me against any attack because in this job if you are not fortified people may attempt to throw spiritual arrows at you. But with this, if anybody tries it, it will backfire.”



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¿Qué os pasa? ¿Cual es vuestra alteración genética? Puedo entenderlo del personal del restaurante, ¿pero de vosotros? Aquellos son buena gente (quiero asumir) pero de cualficación académica nula (afirmo). ¿Pero vosotros? Trabajáis en una oficina con puestos de responsabilidad, la mayoría tenéis educación universitaria, algunos hasta habéis experimentado las mieles de la “vida exterior”, en lugares como EE.UU y Dubai. ¿Qué diablos os pasa? ¿En qué momento se produjo esa alteración genética que os inhabilita ahora (y no me cabe duda lo hará por siempre) para cambiar algo las cosas en vuestra propia Tierra? ¡¡Y en vuestro propio beneficio!! El de la inmensa mayoría y no solamente en el de unos pocos que se lo llevan crudo.

Que el Gobernador llega con toda su cohorte y gran parafernalia, y con su mujer, y se gasta 30 USD (23 Euros) en comprarse un piscolabis y, sin embargo, deja una propina de 600 USD (467 Euros) y vosotros (todos vosotros, cualificados o no) consideráis esto un acto generosidad y de buena persona… ¡¡PUES COJONUDO!! Pero dejarme que os diga un par de cositas.

Para empezar, está pagando en dólares. Desprecia vuestra propia moneda. Sí, el “representante del pueblo” (tomar esto como fina ironía) desprecia su propia moneda y por tanto os falta al respeto. Para continuar, vosotros sabéis mejor que nadie que no es su propio dinero el que da con generosidad. Bien sabéis que no. ¡¡ES EL VUESTRO, COJONES !!

El dinero que debería ser puesto en Educación, Sanidad, Infraestructuras y Políticas Sociales, cuando menos. Os da igual. Tanto que luego hasta os decepciona que ese dinero, esa propina de tan “generoso” mandatorio, no sea también repartida con vosotros. Vosotros que actualmente ganáis 6 veces más que el camarero. ¡Que os iba a tocar 1 dólar (77 cts de Euro)? Miserables.

No hay esperanza. No tenéis arreglo. Es a mí al que le da verguenza ajena e indigna. Sois un imposible. Y yo un perfecto imbécil por siquiera alterarme un mínimo. No os lo merecéis. Miserables.

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Julián: GRACIAS.

En http://www.targetmap.com/ podéis ver mapas de lo más variado y muchísimos temas. Es interesantísimo.

Spaniards living abroad


Según este mapa, super curioso e interesante, en Nigeria somos, oficialmente, 175 españoles residentes (según los datos del Instituto Nacional de Estadística)


Con el scroll se aleja o acerca el mapa de spaniards living abroad y se mueve manteniendo pulsado el botón del ratón mientras lo mueves por el mapa.

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“This country is for the rich, not for the poor”. Esto dice (literalmente) una mujer en este documental. No puede ser más cierto.

Tres episodios.


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De la actual España yo solamente echo de menos a mis seres queridos. Hacer el camino que los de mi generación y previa hemos hecho (basado en el esfuerzo anterior de nuestros padres) para asistir ahora a este declive y descalabro, yo paso. Lo siento por mis hijos y sin duda por todos los que lo están pasando mal (me incluyo). Nada más. Pero me la repanpinfla absolutamente.

¿Absolutamente? Cuando te levantas un domingo, tan lejos de tus raíces y mundo, y pones a SIEMPRE ASÍ  http://www.siempreasi.es/ a sonar a todo volumen en tu “palacio” en Lagos-Nigeria, la piel se te pone de gallina, las manos reciben una repentina orden de tu cerebro y palmean (con desigualresultado) y tus pies se mueven arrítmicamente, y al ritmo de la letra hasta intentas vocalizar el acento andaluz que no tienes, es en ese momento cuando te viene la conexión con tu ADN y piensas: Joder, esto y una tortilla de patatas, y un buen vino (o una Mahou)… ¡¡Y QUE SE PARE EL MUNDO QUE YO ME BAJO!!

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Los “lagosians” (los ciudadanos de Lagos) gastan 1b Naira (5 mil millones de Euros) en fiestas al mes.


(Ver abajo)

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Lagosians spend over N1bn on parties monthly –Govt

fiesta lagosians

Lagos State Government says residents of the state spend over N1bn on parties and entertainment every month.

Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, Mr. Ademorin Kuye, said this on Thursday at the briefing of the ministry in Alausa, Ikeja.

He said the benefits of entertainment industry had not been fully utilised in Lagos and the country, adding that taxes that should accrue to the government were spent on social gatherings.

“There is merriment tax in the constitution; it’s part of the rate local governments can collect. We have not utilised the benefit of the entertainment industry in this state.

“Over N1bn is spent monthly in Lagos State on entertainment. We have the records to confirm this and these people, how many of them pay taxes? The money goes into drinks, wine, food and aso-ebi and nobody wants to pay anything to the government.”

Kuye said those clamoring for autonomy for local governments were not sincere but were only pushing for it to score political points.